Six case studies show Newgate Trading's corporate barter trading process in action
across varied business sectors

Toys and games - last year's leftovers help fund next year's tv campaign

A toy and games manufacturer had leftover Christmas stock. The stock was sold by the trading company to discount retailers and through a trading process the value of the stock was restored by funding future television advertising with a combination of goods and services. The television companies did not take payment with cash and toys, they received cash and airline tickets.

Restaurant chain - residual promo items help fund roadshow costs

A national restaurant chain had a volume of promotional items left at the end of a campaign. With the help of the trading company the items were sold to a confectionery gift bag company and the proceeds were used to fund roadshow character costumes. The promotional items were destined for a skip until the trading company stepped in.  

Aviation - once a flight has taken off an empty seat has zero value

An airline had no cash for media advertising costs but was flying at an average of just over 70% capacity. The trading company converted surplus tickets in to media advertising, thus creating increased demand and reducing surplus capacity. Inceased sales were achieved for, in effect, zero cash outlay. 

Kitchen appliance manufacturer - end of range cookers helped fund the launch of a new range

A brown and white goods manufacturer failed to hit its gas cooker sales targets and this was going to result in the delay of the launch of a new range. The trading company had the cookers converted from mains gas to bottled gas appliances and they were sold in France. The new launch took place on time with full marketing support and this could only happen because the media being used accepted payment in a blend of cash and goods. A win-win for all parties involved.  

Major event - the possibility of being cancelled due to lack of sponsor support was avoided

A major event lost its sponsor and without cash support the event would have to be cancelled. The trading company found a sponsor who was prepared to pay for the sponsorship rights, though in a value of their own products rather than cash. The trading company sold the goods and the cash received was sufficient for the event to go ahead.  

Media owner - morale boosting sales team conference at zero cash cost

A broadcast media owner was keen to have a sales conference to boost staff morale and future performance, but had no cash budget to fund it. The trading company supplied the media owner with the conference in exchange for airtime. The airtime was traded for a blend of cash and goods to new advertisers that had not used the broadcaster before, bringing them incremental business.

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