How we work, the belts and braces of our process

Our process has four distinct stages.

1. Analysis
We start with a detailed analysis of our clients' under-performing assets together with an outline of future planned expenditures on advertising, marketing and other goods and services.

2. Proposal
Newgate Trading then produces a proposal detailing the most effective way of converting the under-performing assets into the required advertising, marketing or other goods and services, or into cash.

3. Agreement
On acceptance by the client an agreement is drawn up covering the details wthin our proposal.

4. Delivery
Newgate Trading commences the re-sale programme of the under-performing assets and the delivery of the required goods and services.

Regarding our remuneration, Newgate Trading operates an open-book policy with all its clients and derives its income from a pre-agreed commission structure based on actual performance. The more our clients benefit - the more we earn.

Promise of performance

Best prices Substantial improvements over tradititonal disposal channels

Tailor-made Bespoke solutions for all residual stock or unsold capacity

Flexibility Ability to work with any internal or external procurement services

Delivery We meet all cost and quality criteria

Speed We do things quickly and work to pre-agreed timetables

To discuss what to do with your own residual stocks or unsold capacity call us on 07581 032487, or send an e-mail to