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Please get in touch if you would like to talk with us or have someone e-mail or call you. Maybe you have some comments or a few questions to ask us about how our process works, or you want to check that your surplus stock or spare capacity is something that is really appropriate for our business model. Please provide your name and contact details with your questions and we will get back to you.


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Stock disposal

If you run a company or a sales department that has stock that's losing value, taking up warehouse space, diverting valuable management time wondering what to do with it, or distracting sales team attention from selling your new lines, then contact Adam Yates, Newgate Trading's CEO. Similarly, if your company is operating with spare capacity that is reducing your income, contact Adam. or 07581 032487

Improve company financial performance

If you are responsible for your company's financial reporting, and want to unlock the value of under-performing assets and add them now to the company's balance sheet, then contact our Finance Controller, Gail Landing. or 07770 625262

Boost marketing investment

If you are responsible for your company's marketing investment you can use corporate trading to boost your purchasing power through unlocking the value of residual stocks or under-used capacity. Contact our Director of Trading, Clive Reffell. or 07788 784373